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Anonymous said:
ah, suerte mañana!!! todo va a estar bien bren!!! :)

muchas gracias!!! espero tener mas de 90 de promedio ):

why can't you breathe are you okay? is it allergies? maybe be somewhere you dog isn't?

because of the video i just posted but also because of that D: i actually can’t breathe right now haha but i already took my medicine so i’ll be okay in a few, i hate this so much. i always end up with terrible headaches ;_; and it’s getting worse. i’ve been suffering of allergies since i was like 8 and i had a surgery to get better and i still feel the same. it’s weird because i could hug my dog and everything and feel good and now i feel like dying when i’m around her whyy

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Andrew Bird - Souverian

Michael Pitt for Flaunt Magazine (May 2014)

Michael Pitt for Flaunt Magazine (May 2014)

i took a selfie (and i look terrible as always)

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  1. me: this show is so fucked up
  2. me: *continues watching*